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90 Second Overview.

In these uncertain economic times it’s nice to know that your sales and marketing efforts are actually working.  Gaining insight and data on your efforts can give you that peace of mind. Nerchur is an online CRM (customer relationship management), Marketing and Sales tool that enables small business owners to build relationships and grow their business. Nerchur keeps track of sales activities, tasks and key conversations.  It provides process for communication, a central collateral library and the ability to build drip campaigns.   Nerchur allows you to create quotes and provides analytics to help build and maintain your sales funnel.  It also leverages your customer’s social connections to increase your overall sales pool, provides insight into emails opened, and tracks when your customers visit your website and what they’ve looked at.

CRM (customer relationship management)
– Key contact info for all of your customers/clients
– Record important conversations and key information
– Connect your customers to their social media accounts
– See other people that work at the same company
– See other connections your customers/clients have

– Create email templates for consistency
– Online library of sales collateral keeps everyone up-to-date
– Create drip campaigns (multiple emails over time)
– Broadcast feature to reach your entire contact base
– Know what information clients look at on your website

– Create estimates and email right from the program
– Update status and progress to track your sales funnel
– Win/Lose status on estimates keeps track of sales
– Keep track of goals and quotas
– Watching site and email activity allows you to sell smarter

– Main screen dashboard
– Total sales at-a-glance
– Sales funnel at-a-glance
– Outstanding estimates at-a-glance
– Web traffic (see who is visiting your site the most)