Be Grateful

Posted on September 28, 2012 · Posted in Uncategorized

This seems incredibly obvious but a recent story caused me to reflect.  I know a company that has an online “thank you card” tool.  Nothing fancy, but employees (mainly sales people and account executives) can go online, fill out a quick form, type in a personal note and an email is sent to the marketing director and he sees that a hand written thank you card is sent in their behalf.  The tool is never used.  The marketing director sent an email reminding everyone that it never hurts to say “thank you” and reminded everyone that the tool was still available and working.  The tool still sits.

Saying “thank you” should be embedded in your company DNA, and if it’s not part of it now – change it. I would almost dare say that properly used thank you cards may even be more instrumental in your business efforts than a catalog or brochure.  Pick up a pen and a note card and say “thank you” – and then repeat that process until it becomes a habit.