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Top 5 reasons CRM systems fail

Posted on September 5th, 2013 · Posted in Uncategorized

Even though CRM systems boast impressive features and benefits we’ve found that there is a common thread for why they fail. We feel we’ve addressed these issues and invite you.. read more

Top 3 reasons your business isn’t growing

Posted on July 25th, 2013 · Posted in Uncategorized

Making the statement that these are the “Top 3 reasons” may be bold – but from our experience this is what we see everyday. No process We see this over.. read more


Posted on October 31st, 2012 · Posted in Uncategorized

I’ve been using the analogy of a drum beat to help explain marketing for a long time now.  Sometimes people think that you can create a lot of noise to.. read more

Culture or Strategy

Posted on October 9th, 2012 · Posted in Uncategorized

If you’re asking the question then you don’t have a very good strategy. Culture should be a part of any good business strategy. In order to build culture though you.. read more


Posted on October 9th, 2012 · Posted in Uncategorized

I’ve been playing with a way to explain the need for Nerchur in a simple infographic.  Although I don’t think Nerchur is a complicated product, it still provides tools for.. read more

Be Grateful

Posted on September 28th, 2012 · Posted in Uncategorized

This seems incredibly obvious but a recent story caused me to reflect.  I know a company that has an online “thank you card” tool.  Nothing fancy, but employees (mainly sales.. read more

It’s Always Personal

Posted on September 26th, 2012 · Posted in Uncategorized

Business is still about building relationships and always will be.  One of the purposes of technology should be to “enhance” relationships and not “replace” them.  I’m concerned that a new.. read more

Drip or Fire?

Posted on September 3rd, 2012 · Posted in Uncategorized

I know I use a lot of gardening analogies but I believe we can relate to trying to grow a small garden (or business) as compared to trying to run.. read more

You’ve gotta squeeze a lot of oranges…

Posted on August 25th, 2012 · Posted in Uncategorized

You’ve gotta squeeze a lot of oranges to make orange juice.  I’m sure the guy that said this was in the business of making orange juice – but it does.. read more

Sales vs. Order Taking

Posted on August 17th, 2012 · Posted in Uncategorized

I’ve been working on a lead generation project where we are qualifying leads for a sales team.  Each potential lead has been emailed to verify that they are still working.. read more