Drip or Fire?

Posted on September 3, 2012 · Posted in Uncategorized

I know I use a lot of gardening analogies but I believe we can relate to trying to grow a small garden (or business) as compared to trying to run or build a Wal Mart. I’ve found that using a drip hose is a great way to keep my garden watered without damaging the plants.  Basically this kind of hose ensures small drips of water are  dispersed over a period of time.  So how does this relate?  I find it funny that instead of using a drip hose most small businesses are running around with a fully pressurized fire hose looking for the fire! (the client that will solve all their problems) and when they find them they turn the hose on, let it all fly, pull out all the stops, douse it completely.  Every so often it works so they keep doing it – they’ll email blast (spam) a great list and care less that the hose just killed most of the list they thought was so great.  They want bottom line results NOW! Just remember if “the list” is truly that good and you really believe that these could be the types of customers you want…drip the info, pay attention to what makes them tick and eventually you’ll have a nice little garden of customers instead of a huge mud pit.