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For Management.

Business is about relationships and always will be. Building those relationships isn’t easy and takes time. Traditional channels of sales and marketing have shifted and Nerchur is the tool that will help your small business adapt and grow.


Would you like to see how sales and marketing are doing at a glance?

With Nerchur’s dashboard you can see how each individual sales rep is doing and you can combine all of the company stats into one easy to read report. Year-to-date sales to goal, total pipeline, website traffic, top dollar quotes…everything you need to stay confident on how your company is running.

How do you make all your sales people more like your best sales person?

Nerchur is the tool that generates a successful process. Generate consistent messaging with company built templates, standardize your quotes across the board, track progress and never lose important contacts just because a salesman leaves the company. Nerchur is peace of mind.

How do you keep your customers feeling as important to you after the sale as they did during the sale?

It’s hard to get new customers and without a system it’s difficult to retain them. Now you can automate drip campaigns that start when the sale ends and retention begins. Stop throwing away the good customers you already have.

How do you manage your small sales force, without the expensive sales management tools?

With Nerchur’s report section you can quickly see what activities are working and why one sales rep seems to have more success than another. When your sales team follows the process it’s easy to see when a sales rep is struggling, making it easier to manage the team. The dashboard is a quick glance into the success of each sales rep.

Nerchur answers these questions and it’s specifically built for the small business struggling to increase their sales. Big business has an advantage because they utilize tools to help them succeed in sales/marketing and generally the “little guy” can’t afford access to these kinds of tools – Nerchur is the tool that helps David beat Goliath and is the solution that will help you grow further than you’ve been able to do on your own.