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For Marketing.

Marketing isn’t as easy as it once was – it requires a more sophisticated approach across a wide digital spectrum. Nerchur lets you harness the internet for more insight and better feedback so that you can quickly adapt and win!


Can you prove that your marketing efforts are generating sales?

It’s very difficult to show ROI without being able to track all of the touchpoints that happen over the course of time with a contact. Nerchur captures all of the critical data, emails, quotes and marketing efforts so that you can demonstrate a true ROI for your marketing efforts.

Can you tell if you’re marketing to the right audience?

Most systems only allow you to see basic information about traffic generated on a campaign. Nerchur let’s you see more by providing page-by-page data on a contact and the time they spend on your site when they click on a link in your email. There’s no better way to see if your message has hit the right audience.

Do you have a system for retaining the valuable customers you gain?

If you don’t have a way to keep the customers you have then you’ll always be required to replace them. Remember, the best customer to have is the one you’ve already got. Nerchur lets you deploy drip campaigns that are specific to each customer group and it’s as simple as drag-and-drop.

Are your budgets getting smaller but you need to generate more leads?

Doing more with less is common in today’s economic environment. Nerchur let’s you know who to work with first, based upon interest, which allows you to strike while the message is still relevant. Stop wasting time following up on the cold leads when you can get directly to the hot ones quicker.

Nerchur answers these questions and it’s specifically built for the small business struggling to increase their sales. Big business has an advantage because they utilize tools to help them succeed in sales/marketing and generally the “little guy” can’t afford access to these kinds of tools – Nerchur is the tool that helps David beat Goliath and is the solution that will help you grow further than you’ve been able to do on your own.