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For Sales.

Sales is all about timing, relationships, and trust. Nerchur helps keep you in front of the customer, building a relationship, trust, and making sure you are first person that comes to mind when they need you.

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Have you ever called customer back and found they just made a purchase you could have helped them with?

 There are far too many customers out there who buy from the person they heard from last.  No, Not every customer falls into this category, but when you need a quick solution or a board isn’t reviewing three bids the person that first comes to mind gets the call.  How do you find the balance driving them crazy and totally forgetting to follow up?  With Nerchur, you set the frequency for follow ups.  It is so simple you can customize that frequency per customer with only a few mouse clicks.  Because it is automated you don’t forget while you are focused on customers that need you right now, and opportunities that need immediate attention.  You are following up even while you are working on other things.

Why compete with the crowd when you can help define the solution?

With Nerchur you have insight to what customers are searching for, products they are researching and when they have peak interest.  Every salesperson is more attentive when they know the customer is in a buying mode.  With Nerchur you can you can be the first provider in front of the customer even before he knows what he is looking for.  Being connected to their social posting can identify a need even before the announce they are looking for help.

Why would someone ask their facebook circle when making a business decision?

 The answer is simple they hope someone they trust will recommend a solution.  It is alway easier to research the details when you have somewhere to start.  By making those social connections with their customers, you have insight to what they need and what their friends are telling them.  Be prepared with solutions, and be prepared to overcome ideas that came from lesser informed advisers.  You know what they tell their friends, and everyone is more open with people they trust.

Too much time wasted on customers who were “just looking?”

 With Nerchur you know if they opened your emails, followed up on your web page, or checked up on your business.  You can’t buy more hours in the day; Why not spend it with the customers who are most likely to buy?  There are million reasons why the interest may change at any point in the sales cycle.  Price, time investment, inconvenience, learning curve, or just change itself.  Know who still interested and who is just too polite to tell you the deal is no longer an option for them.

Nerchur answers these questions and it’s specifically built for the small business struggling to increase their sales. Big business has an advantage because they utilize tools to help them succeed in sales/marketing and generally the “little guy” can’t afford access to these kinds of tools – Nerchur is the tool that helps David beat Goliath and is the solution that will help you grow further than you’ve been able to do on your own.