It’s Always Personal

Posted on September 26, 2012 · Posted in Uncategorized

Business is still about building relationships and always will be.  One of the purposes of technology should be to “enhance” relationships and not “replace” them.  I’m concerned that a new generation has been raised in an environment where face-to-face has been replaced.  I see my teenage kids have fewer reasons to “get out” to be with friends because they can just hop online and there are hundreds of “so-called” friends.  I am sure my 15 year old daughter has hundreds of facebook friends and yet I’ve only seen less than a dozen ever cross the threshold of my front door.  It’s affecting business now too.  Less is being done face-to-face and technology is being created to “replace” people – who needs a sales team if you can sell on the internet to the whole world?  I believe that true success will come to those that build and nurture relationships. Nerchur is technology that “enhances” relationships.

Writing this post reminded me of a great commercial.