Top 3 reasons your business isn’t growing

Posted on July 25, 2013 · Posted in Uncategorized

Making the statement that these are the “Top 3 reasons” may be bold – but from our experience this is what we see everyday.

No process
We see this over and over, small businesses are started by talented and passionate people.  The business only grows to the capacity of those individuals. It’s very difficult to teach employees to act like owners – to give your customers an experience worth talking about.  Without the existence of a cloning machine, process is the next best thing.  Determine the experiences you want customers to have from start-to-finish and develop a process where you can hold people accountable.  When you can enable a tool set to automate portions of that process you’ll be able to scale and grow.

Not asking for referrals
Everyone knows that the best time to ask for a referral is when your customer is happy.  Small businesses are generally too busy looking for the next customer and forget to ask for referrals.  Small businesses live and die by word-of-mouth and most small business owners would tell you that referrals are the easiest way to grow. Are you asking for referrals? Do you have a process to ensure that you are?

Disconnecting after the sale
Most small businesses can only concentrate on the customers they have right now – the one’s that have a job in the system. The sales team generally moves on to find the next sale once a job is taken, and seldom is there follow up to educate your customer on all of the products and services you provide.  Everyone knows that retaining customers is cheaper than acquiring new ones, but how do you retain a customer if you don’t have a process to ensure that you don’t disconnect with your customer? Are you saying thanks? Are you educating and providing value outside of the initial sale? Are you staying top-of-mind? Are you staying connected?

Obviously, every business is different and these may not be the specific reasons you’re struggling with growth – but looking at the core fundamentals of growth and setting goals for improvement is a great start.

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