Top 5 reasons CRM systems fail

Posted on September 5, 2013 · Posted in Uncategorized

Even though CRM systems boast impressive features and benefits we’ve found that there is a common thread for why they fail. We feel we’ve addressed these issues and invite you to consider Nerchur for your small business.


Too difficult to implement

Most systems were built to meet the needs of everyone.  The only way you do that is to allow customization for everything.  Instead of a simple system that has 90% of what you need – they let you customize every aspect of the system.  You know you’re in for a long implementation when the company tries to sell you on additional hours for their team to help get you started.  If you’re not using a CRM system currently, how difficult does it really need to be?


No immediate hook

If your CRM lacks some kind of immediate feedback and benefit for the user there’s going to be problems with adoption.  If all you’re doing is entering data on a computer and you’re not actually out selling or doing the work you were hired for, it’s hard to see how the system can help you move forward.  When it appears that the use of the tool is just so management can “keep tabs” on their team – not only will the data be vague but you’ll find that it will take months for the team to adopt it as part of their every day process. Ask the question, “What’s in it for me?”


Lack of management buy-in

In order for a CRM system to become part of your everyday culture it requires high-level buy in. It’s never easy to implement new systems, but if management is passionate about maintaining and improving processes and culture, a CRM system could be just the ticket. On the other hand, if management just orders the system and thinks it will take care of itself, it’s bound to fail.


All or nothing

Every company has a process or system – even if it’s just letting each person do it their own way. Although every company is unique, the processes you need help with are very common among all small business.  Don’t give up on the 90% the CRM tool could help you with by focusing on the 10% you want to have work a specific way. Company after company buy into elaborate CRM tools with the idea that they can customize it to fit their needs and then never use the tool because it’s just too difficult.


Thinking that it will do all the work

Many CRM tools on the market today make the impression that all you have to do is buy the program or service and the rest will take care of itself.  Automation becomes a space-age cruise control that requires little or no effort.  The more automation the CRM tool promises, the more time you’ll spend in set up and the more difficult it will be to get off the ground.  CRM is about building relationships and that process can’t be done by someone else.  Building relationships takes time and effort – there are no short cuts.

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