You’ve gotta squeeze a lot of oranges…

Posted on August 25, 2012 · Posted in Uncategorized

You’ve gotta squeeze a lot of oranges to make orange juice.  I’m sure the guy that said this was in the business of making orange juice – but it does conjure up visions of a guy standing around a huge pile of oranges holding a very small glass of orange juice.  So what happens to the oranges? better yet, what happens to the tree?  I think business is usually so focused on squeezing the orange that it forgets where they come from.  I worry that the size of orchard required to knock out a decent amount of juice is the biggest weight on a business owner’s mind.  Nothing is more discouraging than having to look beyond the work you already have trying to find another project because the beast, your business or cash flow, requires it.  If you get better at “nerchuring” clients/customers you won’t need so many trees and you’ll be able to do better work…it’s the law of the harvest.